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Green-Economy and Energy Efficiency

Officinæ Verdi Group (OV Group), created by UniCredit in JV with WWF, is the leading platform for developing green and circular economy innovation and enabling investments with funds and banking partner. Through his core business in green economy with a main stream on energy efficiency, has consolidated a high competence and know-how, becoming the strategic advisor and partner of different organizations for large scale projects and developing operations and investments in key economic sectors: Real Estate, Infrastructure (Sports and Airports), Retail, Logistics, IoT, Digital Security, Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

As a technical and financial arranger, OV Group combines technical (green engineering) and corporate finance capacity with the purpose of developing and structuring green economy oriented investment and operations. OV Group integrates its business model with the activities and services provided by its operating companies, wich are focused on different goals: energy efficiency large scale projects (operations in real estate, retail, industrial and logistics), greentech and renewables operations, green engineering and metering&control, green energy supply.

In addition to the industrial model OV Group has created in 2016 an international platform – Green Capital Alliance – in order to accelerate sustainable innovation into the markets. The GCA platform operates at international level in 4 fields: energy, food & water, new materials, big data.

OV Group is one of the few Italian organizations recognized as Advisor of different Smart Cities EU Projects focusing on the economic and financial sustainability assessment of technologies in the energy efficiency sector and IoT.

With a dedicated Sustainability and Innovation team, OV Group is able to support corporation’s shift towards a “green” and circular economy in a business sustainability mainframe. In this way, it accelerates innovative processes, ready to market innovations and digital-IoT solutions, and enables the management to seize new market opportunities.


OV Group® | Energy Investments’ Engine

As a leading player of “Green Economy” new model, OV Group aims at promoting and implementing a new and measurable energy efficiency system based on analytical evidences. The advanced metering platform Mætrics® is able to monitor the main technological innovations and investments’ performance for energy-intensive enterprises.

This approach aims to reduce energy and to maintain costs, achieving energy self-sufficiency, to store clean energy and to reduce waste and CO2 emissions. OV Group is also developing innovation in the IoT sectors, facilitating a distributed energy efficiency model and smart grid projects.

The medium-long term goal is to create economic and environmental value for clients, supporting the realization of innovative sustainable operations and offering a high level of technical expertise combined with investment and financial ability (UniCredit).

OV Group has developed the Mætrics® platform, an advanced system used to support clients and investors with continuous improvements in energy-environmental performances through measurement & control (24h/7days). The platform has been developed to allow a detailed economic-financial analysis for the investment yields.

OV Group monitors as Energy Management and through its proprietary platform Mætrics®, about 700.000 m2 of Real Estate with the aim of reducing their energy consumption between 8-10% through the IoT management system, optimizing plants operations and maintenance. In the last two years, OV has developed Energy & Sustainable Financial Master Plans on above 7.171.300 m2 in the infrastructure sector and has performed activities of electrical and mechanical design in the Real Estate on over 170.300 m2.

OV Group, UNI CEI 11352 certified ESCo, has developed a unique know-how with a highly advanced technical-financial approach that regularly combines analysis, green technologies and environmental impact evaluation, with the purpose of developing and structuring green economy operations and investments.

OV Group® | Sustainability Impact

In the next 3-4 years, OV Group intends to become the first Green Economy Platform in Europe able to accelerate growth and generate significant value for stakeholders through cleantech innovation and financial capacity. From 2013 to 2015, OV Group has arranged energy efficiency operations and renewables projects with a reduction of 634.100 tCO2. In 2015, OV investments in research and development compared to its revenue have reached 4,9%, a growth of 29% from 2014.

For the complete version, look at the Sustainability Report 2013-2016

OV Group operates in the name of Sustainability, Quality, Respect, Integrity, Equity, Transparency and Responsibility, as stated by its Ethic Code, both in the internal relationships between employees and associates, and towards the other stakeholders. OV is certified ISO 9001 for the quality management and UNI CEI 11352 for ESCo certification. Since 2015 OV joints, as a founding member, Global Compact Italia, the network promoted by the United Nations to support the Millennium Development Goals, with particular attention to human rights, employment, environment and corruption. Moreover, it is a member of the Green Building Council, an international network aiming at encouraging sustainable constructions.

Since 2013, companies implementing energy efficiency operations with Officinæ Verdi have the opportunity to join “CO2 Off” Platform and account the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to their interventions. The Platform is coherently developed with the WWF environmental vision, and allows companies to contribute to the CO2 emissions reduction goals and to the climate change fight, in compliance with the guidelines given by the Paris (COP21) and Marrakech (COP22) Agreement on Climate Change. In 2013-2014-2015, the OV Platform “CO2 Off” contribution in terms of emissions reduction achieved through the involvement of leading companies in different sectors including Real Estate and Large Scale Distribution, was around 6.600 t/CO2 (certified data).


OV Group® | Green Capital Alliance®

OV | Green Capital Alliance (GCA) is a benefit corporation with the aim to promote and accelerate the market entry of green and scalable innovation in strategic sectors of the economy through a network of alliances and with the intervention of sustainable finance, supporting the paradigm shift towards a Circular Economy. From the creation of GCA, OV collaborates with an International network of incubators and business accelerators with the purpose of identifying, evaluating and deploying “ready to market” innovations – in Italy and Europe – in the Energy & Digital Energy, Food & Agriculture and Up-Cycle Systems, New Materials & Nanotechnologies sectors. GCA is a value driven platform operating in compliance with ethical criteria, transparency and accountability best practices and its main purpose is to promote the development of Green & Circular Economy and to act in compliance with the Paris (COP21) and Marrakech Agreement (COP22) on Climate Change.

For more info, please visit the website: www.greencapitalalliance.com

Green Capital Alliance